UpstArt is based in St Just in Penwith (the most westerly town in the UK). It is where I (Dymphna Hermans) work and sell my upcycled fabric decoupage pieces.

I also sell the work of other makers and artists who have two things in common: firstly, they almost all use recycled materials (silver, ceramic, paper, wood, fabric, copper) or at least use ethically sourced materials, and secondly I love their work.

I am a maker and maybe even an artist. Who knows! My work evolved from traditional patchwork and quilting to landscape quilting. From there it was a small step to glue the fabric pieces onto a canvas rather than sewing the pieces and then putting it on a canvas. I loved the way I got to play with fabric all the time, rather than only at the beginning of a project and then sewing for weeks or months to get the picture finished.

Another small step and I started glueing fabric on all sort of objects: chairs, tables, vases, mirrors, clocks etc. It transforms unwanted or superfluous objects and gives them a new lease of life. The fabrics I use are from my stash which I built up over many years and from the leftovers of quilting projects. And from fabrics founds in charity shops, at auctions or car boots. I aim not to add to the waste on our planet. However I do buy fabrics from the Kaffe Fassett Collective, and especially those designed by Philip Jacobs, because their colourful designs are such a total joy to work with.

Apart from my work with recycled objects and fabric, I also hook rag rugs from old t-shirts sourced from charity shops. I do this of an evening for my relaxation and I usually have some for sale in my gallery.

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