Wednesday, 22 August 2018


I like searching for beautiful but unwanted chairs, small tables and mirrors. Brown furniture they call it. Often it is oak or mahogany, skillfully made, maybe somewhat damaged....

I myself like brown furniture. I grew up with it and I have quite a bit of it in my house. But I also like to make it special, colourful and loveable by those who do not care for brown furniture. I try to always have four or five chairs and small tables in the shop as well as some mirrors on the walls. I only make more when I sell a piece. I am happy to report there has been a healthy turnover.

I am learning a lot while doing this: applying fabric to intricately turned legs is not easy and the seats of these old chairs are often in a mess and need re-upholstering. When I have a little more time I shall do a post of how to do the turned legs. Just in case you are interested in having a go.

Here are some of the chairs I have been upcycling off late: