Friday, 18 May 2018

How to: Bookends

My friend Sarah gave me a pair of brass bookends and I had been eying them up for some time. How was I going to do this? It is not as if I usually have a plan before I begin. But my subconscious works on it somehow. So I started and the red beak is sort of obvious. From there it evolved. 

I have learned there has to be some symmetry but not too much so the second one is similar but not the same. This works really well if you are using up small bits of fabric leftovers as you may not have the same ones. I just use PVA glue to stick the pieces on. When all was good and dry, I brushed on an ordinary wood glue (which is water resistant) and let that dry thoroughly. Then I sand with a very fine sandpaper (140) and I finish it off by 'polishing' it  with the finest wirewool. It leaves the bookends smooth and buffed up so that it has a sheen but is not shiny.

There you go: a pair of bookends like no other!

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