Monday, 19 February 2018

Valentine's Day

I had a lot of pleasure thinking of a Valentines Day display for my shop window. It got me to make hearts with roses, shoes with red birds, sweet red vases and I covered a Polish cafe chair from the Age Concern charity shop in red fabric.

Little red vase (fabric decoupage)

An upcycled Polish Cafe chair (fabric decoupage)
Three wooden hearts (mosaic fabric decoupage)
My makers and artists joined in the fun: Alison knitted red walkers' socks, Lincoln's hot lips pottery looked wonderful, Julia made a special Valendine's soap, I displayed Katy and Jo's necklaces on red vases and so on. You get my drift. Vastly over the top, but it got quite a lot of people coming into the shop and it was such fun to do.....

UpstArt shop window

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