Tuesday, 20 February 2018


Soon (I hope) it will be Spring, and Mother's Day is coming up. So I have been making vases, vases and more vases until I had enough to have window display full of them. All different colours, different shapes and different sizes. Some easy to do, others really difficult. And I covered an unassuming cream coloured vessel in green fabrics as a centre piece. 

Dymphna Hermans (fabric decoupage) 'Spring Planter'

And I put daffodils in them all so that, while fog, rain and wind still rule in St Just most of the time, my window is like a harbinger of spring. And the other day a woman came in and she rummaged in the window and came to me with a wooden flower I had covered in fabric the day before. She wanted it even though it had not been varnished yet. I named my price and she put down her money and said she had to have it because it made her happy just to look at it. I do not even have a photo of it!

Rowena did some feltings of flower bouquets and then had cards made. My favourite is a wild flower bouquet of spring flowers and I think every mother in the land would be happy to have one for mother's day.

Rowena Scotney (needlepunch felting) 'Wild Flower Bouquet'

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